Medieval Dress Arnika Pure Cotton Made to Measure

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Model Arnika - Medieval dress made to measure This pretty ladies' medieval dress is made of... mehr
Produktinformationen "Medieval Dress Arnika Pure Cotton Made to Measure"

Model Arnika - Medieval dress made to measure

This pretty ladies' medieval dress is made of pure cotton. The dress has a rounded V-shaped neckline and is brought to figure by a lacing in the back.
Waist triangles are used from the waist. This makes the skirt circumference even further. The floor-length skirt falls wonderfully wide and in beautiful, elegant pleats.
The sleeves are two-piece. Through a border the middle seam is concealed and the sleeves conspicuously embellished. The lower sleeve part runs out into wide sleeve sleeves and underlines the medieval look.

Further information:

The colors can be selected in the menu next to the article picture. An overview of the available colors can be found on the color charts, which are available for download in the Downloads menu on this article page. Please note that the displayed colors may vary depending on the screen setting.

We make the model to measure. After the order you will receive a manual for self-measurement and a dimension sheet to complete.
Please send us an e-mail with the completed sheet back.

For this model, we use cloth in a simple canvas binding made of  eihter 100% cotton or fine linen 100% linen linen. Since it is not a historically authentic garment, and above all the optics predominate, cotton is also allowed. The linen creases as a rule stronger than the cotton and has different wearing properties. It is a matter of taste, which variant is rather chosen.
Linen fabrics also age differently from cotton, the longer they are worn, and the more often they are washed, the softer they become, in the course of time a slight luster of the fabric is added.

With all our models, we dispense with technically modern tools, such as, for example, Zippers. Lacings are made in very rare cases with metal eyes, but in most cases with cloth loops.
The models are not washed after sewing, although the fabric used is pre-washed. Depending on the washing machine shrinkage can still be about 2%, which is quite common with garments.

All models from the tailoring category are manufactured by us in Germany ( "Made in Germany"). The models are cut and processed according to the order. Additional wishes such as cut changes or additional decorations can be taken into account at any time. Please send us your special wishes when ordering or using the contact form. You will then receive a corresponding price offer from us. Depending on the availability of materials and utilization, it takes about two to eight weeks until you can send your order.
If you have further questions or wishes concerning our models, please contact us either by using the contact form or by e-mailing us at info (at)

Material: 100 % Cotton
Type: Ladies garment
Geschlecht: Women
Age group: adults
Waschempfehlung laut Hersteller: Mashine washing 30°C
Kleidungstyp: Kleid
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